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The OPA was formed back in 1990. The inaugural meeting was held on January 11th, 1990 at the Elk's Hall on Elizabeth Street in Okotoks, with 24 prospective members in attendance. The election of officers were held that night and listed below are the results of the first board to be elected.
President: Ken Givens
Vice Pres: Doug Robinson
Secretary: Darrell Denney
Treasurer: Garry Moyes
Director:     Doug Fitzgerald
Director:    Reese Kosek
Director:    Dave Friesen
Director:    Vern Wiggs
Director:    Brian Burness
At this meeting, it was determined that all future meetings were to be held on the 2nd Thursday of the month, which still happens to this day. Also membership dues were set at just $10 for the year, which would run until the fall, as the summer break of July and August was implemented as well for the association. The first membership was purchased by Bill Karran, who currently is still an active member in the OPA.
On Feb 8th 1990, the second meeting was held but only featured 8 members in attendance. Thus, the executive decided to start holding dinner meetings. This led to a change in location and future meetings were relocated to the Creamery Restaurant in Okotoks. (Unfortunately this building burnt down a few years ago) This was an immediate success for attendance though as the March meeting produced 44 members being present.
Later that Spring, two key committee's were formed to run the OPA golf tourney and the OPA curling bonspiel. Reece Kozek served as the first Chairman for our Golf tournament and Brian Burness was appointed the first Chairman for the Curling bonspiel. The initial success of these two adventures paved the way for the great history and tradition that the OPA enjoys today with these annual events.
Sept 20, 1990 was the date for our first golf tournament and it was held at the Turner Valley G.C. It comprised of 64 golfers and featured a hole in one by John Grisdale on the par 3 hole #15. Today D'arcy Ranch is the host site and includes 144 players annually and is now played the first week of June.
January 11-13th in 1991 was the date for our first curling bonspiel, held at the Okotoks C.C. The inaugural event tallied 40 rinks, which is close to the maximum 48 that we run today. It has now grown to a 4 day event and is highly regarded as one of the best bonspiel's run in the province.
By the end of the first year, the OPA had risen to a total of 92 members. It was decided that the Club year would run from Oct 1st to Sept 30th and therefore the AGM would serve as the annual October meeting. Finally,membership dues were now set at $25 per year.  

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